Colourside™, spreading the colourful side of life one website at a time. We know you’re busy doing whatever it is that you do thats why we want to uncomplicate web for you! Our mission is to help you promote your venture, company or online store as effectively online as you do in person. Let us take a look!

We are a group of professional designers and IT enthusiasts that have a passion for the internet and anything online, along with the qualifications and exposure to support it. We are proudly South African and have an obsession with bringing colour, good design and development to the life of our clients. We are based in the awesomeness of Johannesburg but very often have clients approach us from all over sunny South Africa. So whether we meet face to face or do business online or through email, telecoms and Skype we make sure that the job gets done and all your needs are met.

We provide high quality websites as part of a complete web solution aimed at start-ups and businesses without websites. Our goal is to assist clients in getting their websites online with as little or as much input from their side as they’d prefer. Colourside combines the expertise of different areas of IT and design to give clients a one-stop, complete solution to getting their business online quickly, effectively and easily. Despite our goal of bringing simplicity to what is a daunting task to many people, a massive amount of effort is made to ensure that websites produced for our clients are extremely high quality.

We are affordable, accessible and we make getting a website online painless!
We use well designed, modern templates to eliminate unnecessary costs and reduce the time it takes for us to get you online. We take the responsibility of updating your website monthly and we address key issues such as website performance and SEO. Our passion for web stretches far into the corners of online branding and in addition to our standard offerings, we also design top-class logos, corporate identities and marketing material. Colourside designers are handpicked to help us deliver exceptional results.

Our clients can expect a high quality template-driven website that is well coded and follows web standards. We use the best platforms and systems out there to provide a rock solid foundation for your website. All our packages include at least 30 minutes update time per month, which means you can keep your website current and up-to-date in the long-run. It’s one more way that we continue to make things simple for you. We get a massive thrill out of it when our clients’ faces light up as we show them their completed website in all its splendour. It’s this result that fuels us to give our best to each new client.

Our infrastructure is based on the best systems available. Our web servers are hosted in South Africa, an important detail if your primary target market is South African. Locally hosted websites are much more responsive to local visitors due to the distance and quality of South Africa’s connection to the rest of the world. In the past, many businesses opted to host their websites on international servers due to the high cost of bandwidth in South Africa. We have addressed this concern by providing unlimited bandwidth on all our packages to give our clients the peace of mind that their monthly fees will remain consistent and predictable.

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