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For the Love of Water

Why did we decide to blog about water?
We have recently moved into new offices and decided to go on a search for a new drinking water dispenser. We got one of those top bottle solutions and it worked pretty well aside from ordering our water, changing the empty bottles and finding a place to store the stuff.


We met a company called Waterboys for a website and they introduced us to the process of reverse osmosis and even better a beautiful reverse osmosis water dispenser for the office.  We really wanted to share this with our readers because we like sharing ideas and solutions that makes life easier.


Our new reverse osmosis hot & cold water dispenser.


What is reverse osmosis?
Reverse osmosis (RO) is a separation process that employs pressure to force water through a membrane that retains the solute on one side and allows pure water to pass to the other side.

Reverse osmosis has become the water purification method of choice for drinking water as it employs the most advanced technology of water purification in the world.  The membrane film contains pore sizes of 0,0001 micron which filter out all parasites, bacteria and viruses.  It also effectively removes toxic heavy metals and pesticides, organic pollution, endocrine disruptors and much more.

How does it compare to bottled water?

It is cost effective
Bottled water prices are at a premium because the industry has to cover the costs of branding, packaging, marketing and transport.

It is lower maintenance
The reverse osmosis filtration systems are directly connected to your water supply this means I simply have to switch the tap on for pure perfect drinking water. No shops, no storage headaches and no admin.

Smaller carbon footprint
Ever thought of the environmental impact of the empty plastic and glass bottles?
Did you know that the plastic for bottled water requires up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce?

Cleaner water
Most people who buy bottled water are often under the impression that they’re purchasing water that is pure.  This is not always true, most bottled water has been treated.
Thanks to Waterboys we signed up for an admin free solution that delivers pure perfect drinking water for less than what we paid for before.

You can read more about Waterboys and their offerings on their new website www.waterboys.biz
Don’t forget to let us know what you think about their website…